Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jeremiah Goodman "The Magic Maker"

In this months Veranda Magazine there is a feature of Jeremiah Goodman "Artist of Ethereal" .  His water colors capture all of the romance of a room. Jeremiah has been illustrating for 60 years and is still working at the age of 90 in his upper east side apartment in New York City.
This was the feature in Veranda Magazine  ~The bedroom of Madam X~

The following are some photo's that I had taken at a lecture that I attended back in 2010 at New York School of Interior Design.... I was amazed  as you will be also with his work.  I have captured the process picture by picture which took about 1/2 hour.  He asked us what the backdrop scene should be first...We picked the Brooklyn Bridge.  The interior was a living area.....the rest was up to him.. 

The following pictures are some that were displayed in the gallery for viewing....totally amazing. 

Artist Jeremiah Goodman/ Jeremiah Goodman
Photo's/ Corinne Kaas
Location/New York School of Interior Design