Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Amtrak Train comes through their wedding ceramony

I have staged and decorated homes and stores, but never before a Wedding Hall.  Back in April, my Nephew Brendan and his finance Jenna aka The Brenna's  asked if I would take care of decorating the venue for their wedding.   It seem so long ago, but this weekend came and are some pictures.

The happy couple - in front of Shore Chicy Designed  Communion Table

Frames where all made with Chalk Paint and the calligraphy was done in
Neo Chalk Pens which is a Liquid chalk (water based) 

Unique idea - decorating on a budget

When I realized there were no flowers for decorations, I
helped my self to surrounding neighboring yards...oops

How many brides do you know have an Amtrak Train come
through their wedding? 

I found this antique shopping cart at a thrift store
which made a great card and gift holder 

The challenge was the table clothes, (they were all round) except for a handful.
Note to self always have some safety pins 

Several attempts at hot gluing the J&B to the wooden box

All the corks were hot glued the day of the wedding...stressful

Love this shot

Borrowed flowers and greenery...they will never know

Simple door treatment - Thank Goodness I had some ribbon

Photo Credits Katelyn James Photography 
Reception | Hanover Arts and Activities Center
Dress | Bella Rosa

Friday, August 16, 2013

Clutter can raise your stress level

I have experienced this first handed -  I have a small home office where I try to run Harmonizing Homes, and Shore Chicy Designs.....At times the amount of projects and clutter stops my creativity and production because of the stress level that I am experiencing.  I than have to stop everything and clean up the space and organize before I can continue on, which is a waste of time and energy.   A larger space would help but for now it is what it is; as they say.... With the new school season upon us shortly, I thought I would address and hopefully help Moms get a handle on clutter and organization.

Many mothers experience unnecessary stress during the school year, looking for homework, books, book bags, etc.  Laura Whittman of Organizing Junkie  created this station in the garage - When the children come home, they grab their homework and books, hang up their back packs.  When they are done with their home work, it goes back into their back packs and hung ready to grab for the next day.
Great Organizing Built-ins to keep all your children school work and sports-equipment 
Now lets talk about your pantry - Here is another easy thing to do making snacks easy to reach by those little hands and neat at the same time. Simple cut off the tops of the boxes!  Check out her blog, she even has a printable cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of things....

This is cleaver idea is from Becky of Clean Mama
I am always looking for cleaver ideas to share with organization, home interiors, staging homes and more....I hope you will enjoy!  Visit us on Facebook....for daily updates ...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Its hard to work during the summer!

I don't know about you, but I have a difficult time finding balance in the summer. It takes a lot of effort to stay disciplined and focused.  Living only two (2) miles from the beach....on a sunny day.....well, sometimes I just have to take advantage of the opportunity.

I took a few snippets of our bay front home yesterday so that I had something to write about today...I know...lame right? But this is how I roll these day...

Reading Material

View into the porch

Props that I just display instead of storing

Fresh Flower's died to I stuck these in the vase...Sad

I do work...I try...

Love these..
This is command central  

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