Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter White

Why white?  White allows you to concentrate and focus not only on what it surrounds, but what is likely within you as well.  Using various shades of white and concentrations (flats and shines) will add dimension.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Warmth Of A Cold December Day!

During this holiday season, it seems that the little things bring warmth to our hearts and soul.  Last evening I had a great dinner with my husband, sister and brother in law in front of a fire lite living room.  We enjoyed Beef Bourguigon and Riccioli Pasta with Truffles (click on link for recipe).  Some great wine from Tuscany and a French the middle of the week....I love that my work now allows me to enjoy my family.
This week, I am finishing up with a wonderful client that I have been working with for over a year.  Check out the pieces in our Shore Chicy Blog.  

I received this lovely card from another dear client that I worked with this past year.....which meant so much to me...
Finally this week, I was able to put some Christmas Decorations around the is a sneak preview..

A paper wreath from Crate and Barrel found down in SoHo last week...Dresses up the cocktail bell on the porch

This wreath came while we were eating dinner as a it!

My favorite Santa

Love my cranberry candle from my sister and brother in law.  Found in LBI

Mirror from Target

Have a wonderful holiday!  Enjoy each other and have fun decorating.....its such a beautiful time of year!