Friday, April 25, 2014

My Summer House For Sale

Well, it took about one week to get this house camera ready....I think that it is much more difficult to prepare your own home for the market than it is someone else's home.  Here is the tour....

Many nights of wine and laughter on these chairs

Great entertainment spot year round

Wood burning fire place

Guest Room double bed with view of water

guest room twin beds view of water
Dining area looking into porch 

Retro Kitchen...with all new appliances
our bedroom

Great view from Master

Loft Area two twins beds

Full size bed up in loft

I hope you enjoyed the tour let me know if you are interested in buying this great home in Toms River NJ on the
Barnegat Bay

Thursday, April 24, 2014

No more paint on the floors

I used our home as a studio....which is one of the reasons we are selling.  It was too difficult to work and live around furniture moving in and out of this room.  The floor took a lot of abuse so we installed new flooring for the sale.  The tiles I choose are a Italian Imported Terracotta  which are very durable.

This is the original floor where I worked

sub floor installed around my pieces


I choose a orange pattern for the staging of the table

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving again

I don't really know how this all happened but in the last month we put a deposit on another home and we are putting our home up for sale.

One of the reasons is that I was working and living in the same space.  My office was cramped with all my painting, decorating and staging items.  While we are showing the home, I rented space so that I can continue working...but in the mean time I have to pack all of this up and move it before I do anything else.
I have to convert this office back into a spare bedroom before the photo's are taken.... I decided to document the that I felt some sense of accomplishment...I have to keep my self entertained..

getting there

brought down the other bed that I had stowed away upstairs
A quick trip to Home Goods  for two pictures and a lamp....and I have myself a proper bedroom that is clean and airy...hmmm just noticed I am missing a curtain...  Total $109.00...I had everything else..


I will continue with my photo essay of my home and the preparations for our next move....I think its #6.....