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This does not look like your parents basement!

Photo Source:  HGTV 

This blog idea was inspired by my daughter who is presently single handed  trying to make her basement a functional space (including the sheet rocking)...I love talented woman! There is one designer that is very inspirational when it comes to turning spaces into crown jewels...I'm talking about Candace Olsen .

Homeowners with an unfinished basement can transform the space into a useful room, such as an extra bedroom for a growing family or a media room to house high-tech devices and a music or movie collection. Below is a collection of photos from HGTV secrets behind CandaceOlsen’s Style

The benefits of a finishing a basement in a investment sense is that it does attract more potential buyers and it makes the home stand out.   It actually adds to the square footage in the real estate listings. 

Cozy Gathering Place

A color palette of plum, caramel, copper and cream is mixed with warm wood tones for a comfortable, homey vibe in this basement. A series of three backlit digital photos add much-needed light and give the room a personal touch.

Relaxing Basement Hangout

Rust grasscloth and buttery yellow walls set the scene for a warm, inviting basement. A deep L-shaped sectional in sage linen features tons of textured pillows in rust, gold and cream. To brighten the windowless space, Candice installs recessed lights and track lighting behind a bulkhead.

Traditional Family Basement

Multi-Functional Basement

A neutral palette is the setting for this basement that features a lounge, a media area and a workout zone. A dramatic, vertical gas fireplace boasts rustic limestone cladding and is flanked by four-foot sconces. For added pizzazz, the workout area is divided off from the rest of the basement by French doors and two cool, glassed-in waterfalls.

Spiced-Up Basement

To create a space with the energy and warmth of a Mexican cantina, Candice starts by grounding the basement with durable tile that has the look of wide-plank hardwood. Color plays a big part in this space with a chili-pepper red glass backsplash, a red and guacamole green chair and a fiery red media cabinet. To create the illusion of a large window, she hangs wall-sized translucent blinds over the tiny basement window.

Cool Teen Hangout

For this basement makeover, Candice transformed an empty basement into a hip teen bedroom that also doubles as a family hangout. In the bedroom, she uses masculine shades of brown, blue and black to create a comfy and relaxing atmosphere. Over in the family room, a big media area features a desk for homework, a beverage fridge, a big screen TV and cozy, oversized furniture. For an added bit of fun, she includes a three-in-one games system, featuring foosball, hockey and pool

Exotic Indian Lounge

To set the scene for this Indian-inspired basement, Candice covers the walls in a black-and-gold paisley wallpaper and a metallic-backed sisal wallpaper. Black-and-white carpet tiles create a chic checkerboard across the room, while luxe fabrics on the furniture and window treatments add a glam factor.

Cozy Gathering Place

A color palette of plum, caramel, copper and cream is mixed with warm wood tones for a comfortable, homey vibe in this basement. A series of three backlit digital photos add much-needed light and give the room a personal touch.

Exotic Indian Lounge

To set the scene for this Indian-inspired basement, Candice covers the walls in a black-and-gold paisley wallpaper and a metallic-backed sisal wallpaper. Black-and-white carpet tiles create a chic checkerboard across the room, while luxe fabrics on the furniture and window treatments add a glam factor.

Playful, Artistic Basement Retreat

Bright and colorful, this basement features a cozy family lounge and a fun, functional art studio. Muted green carpet compliments the sky blue walls, and slipcovered furniture is the perfect solution for this art-loving family. To create the illusion of natural illumination, Candice installs floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Whimsical vinyl transfer words add color and playfulness to the room.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm looking for a TAN color

There is safety in the color TAN, and I think that is why so many people tend to want TAN/BEIGE. This color can be tricky in picky out....if you are not careful you might end up with pink hues on your wall.

The color to the left is by Benjamin Moore and is called Wilmington Tan (I've included the link above). Wilmington Tan is what I consider a SAFE TAN.  It is a great color for North facing homes....creamy caramel like.

Works well in a kitchen

Soothing color for a bedroom

Living Room adding warmth

works well with painted or stained molding

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where do you read?

 After finding that perfect winter read - where do you sit and enjoy your reading?  My favorite is in my three season porch in front of the fire place....I just ordered Playing House by Diane Keaton - she is addicted to I can't wait to receive it.

A cozy bed by a window

Love the window seat library

Rich Dark and Relaxing - I think I would fall asleep here

A great way to display your collection

A beautiful glass filled library and reading desk

I can't wait to receive my I am also addicted to design and decorating.....not a bad addiction right?

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Using Color Psychology to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can feel a little intimidating when you feel like you don’t know where to start. It is no wonder that most people don’t realize the inherent value in decorating their home before selling.
There are, however, some great ways to decorate your home before selling on the cheap. For example, a quick coat of paint used right can help save lots of money and increase the value of your home.
Color psychology is the emotional effect that various colors have on a person and, when used correctly, can be incorporated into a quick decoration plan to help make your home much more desirable for potential buyers.
Light colors create the illusion of space

Light colors such as off-whites and creams reflect light very well making a room brighter. This, used in conjunction with a good natural light source can help make a room look much larger and more open than it actually is. This is a great tool, as potential buyers will be under the impression that the room is larger, thus making it more desirable.
The extreme of a light color is white; white reflects the most possible light and gives the impression of extreme cleanliness and purity. Because of this it is often best used only in the bathroom or kitchen, as it can be considered a cold color and can be quite hard on the eyes otherwise.
Mirrors can also be used to help create the illusion of space, they can maximize natural light spread around the room. Mirrors also give the subconscious mind the feeling that there is space behind the mirror. If it is a nice day when you are having people viewing the house, make sure that you let as much natural light into the room as possible by pulling up the blinds and opening the curtains.
Dark colors create intimacy and warmth

Darker colors like browns and deep reds absorb light and can actually make a room feel smaller than it is. When decorating your home for sale, you’ll want to minimize the usage of these types of colors; however this doesn’t meant that they aren’t useful.
Dark colors help create the feeling of intimacy and can be used greatly in the master bedroom to increase its desirability. Darker shades can give the room a cozy feel, which is especially great if your potential buyers are a young couple looking to move into a larger property and start a family.
Bright colors to highlight key features

Bright colors can be great when used sparingly; they can be used to highlight certain areas in the home that go with a lighter, more neutral color scheme. Some of the brighter colors are also known to invoke different emotional responses from potential buyers.
A quick coat of paint could be a great, inexpensive way to make your home more desirable for sale. Houses that sell quickly are also more likely to go for a better price, and a good paint job may help you do just that.
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Source: Comfree 
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Feeling the Winter Blues

I am not actually feeling blue at fact I'm very excited as I am heading out for a little research and development out in the North Fork of Long Island....So I am very excited...which made me feel the Blue today... Blue and White always makes me think of the Hampton....  and when I think of the Hampton I think of my favorite Movie Something has to Give (classic)
Set from the movie
Set from the Movie

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Part Time into Full Time Bungalow Remodeling Living Room

Here is part two on converting a part time residence to a full time residence.   A little back ground most if not all of the original Bungalows at the Jersey Shore where finished off with knotty pine wall paneling.  I am not sure why it is so prevalent here at the shore...however, if you know the answer please do share.

This is how the living area looked when we first moved into the house....we purchased it full furnished..
Walls are in good shape
Fire place needs some work

built in table against wall

Coastal Living Magazine
If you click on the link above for Coastal Living Magazine you will see a featured house very similar ....It took a lot of convincing to paint these treasured walls....the fore fathers would be very upset...With two coasts of primer/sealer and two coats of paint we finally have beautiful bright walls.

We added some over head lighting

New Drapes - blinds will be installed after new windows

It was a lot of work....but I think it was worth it...
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vote For Your Favorite Kitchen

As some of you know, I live in along the coast in New Jersey.  We are in the process of converting the summer residence into a full time residence.   This is what my  kitchen looks like now...

I am dating the kitchen to  about  the 1950's.  Red Formica counter tops  finished off with metal trim...Its a pleasant kitchen however, I need a functional kitchen.

Below are some of my favorites let me know which one you like?
A Kitchen for a Collector
The antique oak cabinet, originally made for a French store, is perfect for a collector. Designer Susan Dossetter found the reproduction Windsor chairs in Nantucket and had the table made to work with the chairs and the cabinet in this kitchen. Co-designed by Andrew Skurman.

Breakfast Room
This breakfast room is lit by French doors on either side and a picture window behind the long table. Designed by Berkley Vallone and Caroline DeCesare. Featured in March 2008 issue.

Texture-Rich Kitchen
Designer Susan Dossetter created thiskitchen with textures in mind — the cool stainless, the warm oak, and the soft shades of white in the marble, tile, cabinetry, and cast-plaster ceiling. Co-designed by Andrew Skurman.

Simple Farmhouse Kitchen
The kitchen ceiling is faced in 300-year-old floor beams, rescued from an old barn and whitewashed. ThisVermont kitchen is designed by Susan Tully.

Blue and White Kitchen
Designer Robin Bell used variations ofwhite and blue throughout this house, including the kitchen.

Black and White
Designer James Radin chose the black Windsor chairs for contrast — "like a punctuation mark" — in the creamy

Original Charm
Designer Jay Griffith chose not to expand this Pacific Palisades kitchen, so it stayed true to the age of the original house. He used Douglas fir for floors and cabinets to get "the handmade look and feel of the originals," and restored the yellow backsplash tiles to their 1933 condition.

Casual and Classic American
In a kitchen that dates back to the 1920s, designer Peter Dunham kept a traditional look, but used hints of color and patina to perk it up. The space is also perfect for entertaining with an easy flow to the more formal dining room and outdoor patio.

New Traditional Kitchen
"We sometimes eat dinner just on the island, or use it for a buffet when we entertain. Dave cooks. I do the tabletops and dishes," says Patrick Wade of co-designer David DeMattei. The pair co-designed their Napa Valley home.

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Source :  House Beautiful 

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