Monday, September 24, 2012

3 simple ways to help prepare your home for sale

In the current market, it is important to make sure t hat you do everything possible in order to make sure that your home is as appealing as possible for it to sell well. Many people are putting their houses on the market and you will find that your house is up against a lot of competition, in this case you need to find an edge over your competition in any way you can. There are many different ways in which you can increase the appeal of your house once it’s on the market and here we will look at accessories that increase the sell appeal of your home.
Increase the sell appeal of your home #1 Accessorize the garden The first thing that people will see when they are looking at potential new property is the exterior. It is vitally important to make sure that they gain a good impression when they see your house for the first time and are attracted to the curb appeal the house has to offer. I am on week two posting on www.facebook/harmonizehomes about ideas to steal to make your home market ready.. Adding some garden ornaments in tasteful colors is a great way to increase the esthetic appearance of your home. Adding a new garage door and making sure the windows are clean and attractive, possibly with exterior shutters, will also entice the buyers. Make sure the house is clean and well painted, also check for any broken garden furniture, this can bring down the value and appeal dramatically. Increase the sell appeal of your home #2 Have an excellent foundation When people come to view properties, they are not looking at all the additional furniture and decoration. What matters most is the basic foundations, which include the walls, the floors, carpets and windows. Make sure that these are all in excellent condition, as this will increase the value and appeal of the home immensely. Potential buyers will want to picture the house with their own furniture and style, this makes neutral tones and textures the most appropriate choices when selling your home. Increase the sell appeal of your home #3 Add the wow factor Even though the foundations are the most important aspect of the home for potential buyers, you still want to make sure that they get a sense of awe when they initially see the property. If you walk into a home and can immediately see yourself in it then you have far more inclination to buy it, right? You can add some luxurious throws and cushions, which add a homey, yet decadent appearance to the room. This can help to make the house feel more like a home and less like a building. De-clutter the space….You have heard that over and over…but it is the most important step…Soothing colors, attention to detail and a striking sense of style are all aspects that can increase the value and sell appeal of your home. If you are putting your property on the market and want to make sure that it sells in good time and for the right price, then this is a great way of making sure you blow away the competition Harmonize Homes can help you prepare your home for today's market....give us a call at 917-699-1262 We are located in Toms River, New Jersey...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6 Paint Colors That Attract Homebuyers

Whether you’re ready to list your home for sale or you’re just beginning the process, there’s one crucial step to consider: paint colors. The colors you put on the walls can help make your home easier or harder to sell, so it’s well worth considering repainting before you put your property on the market. But before you grab a roller, make sure you’re choosing colors that will help your home sell. Remember: the right colors will attract homebuyers. Colors that attract homebuyers #1
Ralph Lauren Cream Stone Not-so-boring neutrals If you’re looking for a sure bet for all ages and income brackets, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. A soft beige is an easy sell – it adds warmth to the walls and gives buyers a chance to imagine the potential of the room. If you’re still living in the home, off-white neutrals are easier to keep clean while you’re in the process of selling. Colors that attract homebuyers #2 Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog Shades of gray Gray is a fantastic alternative to beige for many reasons. A cool gray feels relaxing and soothing in a bedroom or bathroom. It’s a conservative but still chic color that appeals to many people, particularly older buyers, who may be seeking relaxation, rather than excitement, in their new home. Colors that attract homebuyers #3 Donald Kaufman Color Collection DKC-5 Wonderful whites Although white seems like a default color, it’s anything but. There are hundreds of shades of white to choose from, and they each have benefits. A bright white makes any space look larger, while a warm white is inviting and cozy. White is universally appealing, and works especially well with younger first-time homebuyers, since they’ll easily be able to repaint in their preferred color scheme after the purchase. Colors that attract homebuyers #4 Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray Beautiful Blue There’s a blue hue for everyone, but to expedite the sale, stick to lighter shades. Go light blue in the bedroom for a peaceful oasis feeling, or choose a more energetic (but still pale) blue for kids’ playrooms. Blue makes a great alternative to more neutral colors if you just can’t stomach the thought of living in a blank white or neutral home until it sells. Colors that attract home buyers #5 Benjamin Moore Golden Straw Warm bright If you’re dead set on using orange or yellow, make sure the tone is soft enough to maintain a neutral feeling. Many buyers balk at bright, since they take extra time and energy to repaint. Sunny hues work best in kitchens and other energetic spaces. Plus, warm tones are known to make people hungry – so confine your orange paint to the kitchen. Colors that attract homebuyers #6 Farrow and Ball String 8 Easy earth tones Earthy, rich colors like brown and green are best avoided when you’re trying to sell. However, depending on the neighborhood, lighter browns and greens could be appealing. Country homes do well with these rustic colors; just make sure you use them sparingly to avoid overwhelming potential buyers. Painting a home is one of many steps to selling a home, but it’s also one of the most important. The wrong paint color can turn off potential buyers, so put some thought into the decision. Good luck and happy painting! Visit us at visit us at face book 917-699-1262