Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Home Staging is just an occupation for nosy housewives!!!

Really????  This is a recent statement that was brought to my attention..... I'm a "Home Stager" and I'm not at all nosy nor do I care how other live their lives....  My GOAL is to add a connection and EMOTION to a home for the  prospective buyer ( I want the buyer to feel as if they belong in the home) ... I'm educated in  home design and home staging....I have entered into a second career after a successful career with the International Rescue Committee helping refugees after war has taken their homes and families...

Here is an example of a recent home that I've staged..... We converted the dining area back into a living room and the office back into a dining room... For a full preview of the entire home please email me:

Before/After Photo's:

For more information please call me at 917.699.1262 or email me at