Thursday, March 28, 2013

If you celebrate Easter how is it done at your House???

Easter at our house is a dual celebration....We not only celebrate Easter but also the unset of another season at the shore...  We kick off on Friday,with various on site arrivals from family.....and continue through Monday...This year we will have a total  14 people sleeping at 9 Bay Shore....

Lots of shopping and preparing for a fun filled weekend.. What do you do??
love tulips

Have to have chocolate eggs

Planters done

Love the Spring Colors

Snap Dragons on the potting table

I love my faceless lady

Monday, March 25, 2013

Table Top Ideas For Easter and Passover

Dining by Designs 2013 at the AD Home Show
I’m sure many of you know that since 1984 DIFFA has been one of the nation’s largest supporters of people with HIV/AIDS. And Dinning by Design, now in its 16th year is not only one of the industry’s most anticipated events, but has raised over 16 million dollars for the cause.   The event was held at Pier 94, 55th Street on March 21-24 2013.

I thought I would share with you some of my favorite displays - Not all table are included, there were far too many...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally Spring

 Spring is one of my favorite times of year....I just feel alive and full of energy..I want to do it all.....

Last week a visited a  Reynolds Garden Shop in Manahawkin New Jersey.. probably a bit premature...but had fun any way...

I purchased the olive tree picture at the left....just because I wanted something green and alive.

 This Spring most of the East Coast folks will be at the local garden centers  replacing shrubs and perennials that were destroyed by Sandy's Surge Waters... So Spring will really be a birth of new for many.  I have an entire yard of dead shrubs and perennials... The first thing I will be doing is placing some forced Tulips in my flower celebrate Spring...  Happy Planting and Planning!

Have fun and decorate the outdoor of your home

Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Choose Color

Kenya Africa Masai Tribe
 I have been very fortunate in my life to have been able to travel the world ....and experience so many cultures.

As a designer, my world  revolves around color...It is the most natural aspect of design as indicated in the few pictures that I have posted.

These are not pictures to brag about my travels, they are chosen pictures to show my readers how natural colors are...Too many people loose sleep over picking colors...

Just look at nature and your surroundings to see what colors complements each other.

Look at all of the colors of the spices...a warm blend of earth colors.
Spice Market Turkey
The fruits, complement each other....reds and greens... opposites on the color chart - which means you can put those two colors together in a color scheme.

Floating Market Bangkok Thailand
A blend of greens.....with a pop of Red

French Flower Market
The natural colors of stone can warm up any decor

amalfi coast - Italy
The vibrant blues, greens and purples.... anchored with a with black OR brown.


 The muted shades of purples and oranges work really well together.
Paris France

Friday, March 15, 2013

Are you in the RED???

I had my father paint my room RED when I was 15 years old...I wish I had a picture to share....I had blue shag carpet, poppy red walls, and red and blue poppy spreads and drapes...I have always had a love affair with color.

RED is an emotional color - it is Activating, Stimulating, Passionate Exciting, Powerful, Expanding Richness/Warmth, Love/Sensuality,Transformation and it attracts attention.

I used red a few years ago, when I redesigned our summer cottage at the Jersey Shore - I decided to play off the red through out the house starting in the kitchen.

Bedrooms are right off kitchen so I included Red in the bedding

The Red is a great color with just about any color cabinet
Below images are from various sources ( not the work of Harmonizing Homes) - 

Red is great for an accent wall

It works outside and in

Red accent appliances make a statment

You can have fun with Red

Love the way it POPS

A Red door welcomes your guests

Here are some of Benjamin Moore ten top colors of  RED
Farrow & Ball  RED

What is your favorite red??

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feeling the Blues of Summer

  I'm feeling the blue in a good way.....the sun is shining in New Jersey after days of Grey.....The sky is blue and the water is sparkling with tiny crystals...The Gulls are calling...yet it is still cold!

Nothing screams summer like blue and white....The Strips in particular tips the scales of summer
Great mix of floral and strips

Try making your own pillows with some old dress shirts - Clever??

Clean, uncluttered, tastefully done

cottage chic...

Kick Back and relax

Ralph always does it the best

As you can tell, I am a fan of Ralph

Great chair to curl your legs up and read