Monday, March 18, 2013

How To Choose Color

Kenya Africa Masai Tribe
 I have been very fortunate in my life to have been able to travel the world ....and experience so many cultures.

As a designer, my world  revolves around color...It is the most natural aspect of design as indicated in the few pictures that I have posted.

These are not pictures to brag about my travels, they are chosen pictures to show my readers how natural colors are...Too many people loose sleep over picking colors...

Just look at nature and your surroundings to see what colors complements each other.

Look at all of the colors of the spices...a warm blend of earth colors.
Spice Market Turkey
The fruits, complement each other....reds and greens... opposites on the color chart - which means you can put those two colors together in a color scheme.

Floating Market Bangkok Thailand
A blend of greens.....with a pop of Red

French Flower Market
The natural colors of stone can warm up any decor

amalfi coast - Italy
The vibrant blues, greens and purples.... anchored with a with black OR brown.


 The muted shades of purples and oranges work really well together.
Paris France

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