Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What does your home office look like - results

This was a fun post... We are creative people and we all tend to work out of small cramped spaces with lots of stuff...

Here are some of the comments

"Good heaven's no. My office looks like a bomb went off in it. "

"My office looks like I work in it. It is not ready for prime time."
Such an honest post! LOVE IT!!! Sure I'll share mine...and yes...it also looks (at times) not ready for prime time...I call it..."a work in progress"...it is what it is! Pics to follow! Love the blog by the way... Bravo! Have a great "messy" day friends!!! 

"Yup....!!!!! I have 2 offices one at my home and one at my site. its very messy." 

" I like to refer to it as an organized mess!!"

" I also have an organized mess..."

Mine is organized at times and at others it is mayhem...."

I only received a few pictures.....some folks pictures never came through on their attachment....

A design by Robin Lechner - not her office
Nikki Foster 

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  1. You are more than welcome to share my office and name.