Sunday, February 22, 2015

Color's Color's Color's

We have a love hate relationship!  I love them, but like everyone else I can stress over them when picking out colors ....especially for clients....for me....its easy...I know what I like and I go with that.

Here are some of the color combo's I am doing for a client new home that they are moving into.  Its a great older railroad type of house, one that you might find in Hoboken NJ however this is in Fair Haven colors have to flow from room to room as there are no prevent the joining room colors from clashing....

Here is what we are dealing with below my clients do not like the orange that is now existing so we need to come up with an alternative.

Please....keep in mind the colors on the internet do not reflect the actual colors on swatches.  I think anyone of these would work just fine.

At the same time, we just moved into a home in December and I'm in the mist of picking out colors for our home.....its an open floor plan so again, I need  the colors to have a flow from one room to another.  I have very neutral furnishings as I like to add pops of color with art work and its pretty easy going..

Here is what I've picked out for my own home.

The first is called Straw Hat by Benjamin Moore its a very neutral color with hues of green/khaki like your weekend favorites.   I used this for the living room and dining room...the adjoining great room and hall way has an accent wall in Majestic Sage by BM and the primary walls are in stingray....More to follow as the color choices come to term with reality.   

Now off to watch the Red check out the fashions....I haven't seen any of the movies with the exception of Bird Man which I viewed today....

Enjoy the colors!!