Wednesday, December 12, 2012

changing up the knobs!

In today's economic conditions folks do not have the additional funds to purchase new furniture for the holidays.....

You still have some time to  re-create a piece that you already have in your home.

I have worked in several homes where we would simply take the top of the hutch off  of the base.  
Change up the knobs and  "VOILA" you now have a beautiful new server for your holiday entertainment.  

I also have  a sister company  Shore Chicy Designs  that can add some color to your pieces for a new look...check out our website to see what a little paint can do.  

Have fun experimenting!!! 

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do I pick out my furniture or my rug first?

I think this is the oh so familiar question;  What do I pick out first my furniture or my rug? 

Anchoring a room with a rug
 In design school they teach anchoring the space with a rug from the get go is the way to navigate the design of an empty room. I disagree.

I prefer to set the furniture first in a room. 

customize color

Then define the seating areas and customize the color

 The rug design details later, as the room organically unfolds.

To help visualize the correct size of rug I often supply plastic table cloth templates for odd or round spaces.

 For larger areas I use blue painters tape to map out the edge boundaries. It helps you determine if a standard or custom size is appropriate.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Romance and the Chandelier

A great European look
My very first love
 My very first love affair was found on Craig's List for Seventy Five Dollars $75.00 I had to drive outside of the city...but it was worth the trip.

 All the crystals were in tack on a beautiful ornate brass frame....I couldn't wait to hang it over my bed in my NYC apartment.  I bought a rosette plaster plaque to hang it from...I ended that affair when we sold the apartment..It was bitter sweet...

The buyers had fallen in love with the shimming crystals. The final photo to the left was taken with instagram as we parted our way..
painting the base is always an option and a great contrast

Hang several in different styles 

Totally Shabby Chic 

You can hang one just as a decorate piece without electrical wiring

Add a dimer and you have created a wonderful peaceful retreat 

A mirror adds to the beauty of the chandelier with the reflected lighting

A bit of greens for the holidays

love the conflicting look of elegance and raw wood

the focal point in a kitchen


old world

Child's play why not 

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Nothing says welcome like a wreath hanging on your front door....

You are inviting folks to come in and better yet they looking at your front door. It is great curb appeal especially if you want to be drawing attention to your home for marketing reasons.

Here are a few of my favorite wreaths for anytime of the season(s)...that I have come across


The Live Olive and Myrtle Wreath is handmade in California and measures 22 inches in diameter; $89 at Pottery Barn.

For traditionalists, a 17-inch Pepperberry and Birch Wreath, made with green spruce, is $98 from Terrain.

San Francisco's Flora Grubb Gardens, the Fresh Silvertree Wreath has shimmery leucadendron argenteum leaves, rosemary stems, sempervivum rosettes, and kalanchoe cuttings. It measures approximately 24 inches in diameter; $250. For more gift ideas, see Flora Grubb's Living Ornaments.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trendy new looks for Holiday Decorations

This is one of my favorite time of year...I love the decorations....and every year I end up buying a few more...and every year there is one or two boxes that never make it out of the attic...but I can't seem to part with them...

This year there are some new trends.... Felt Christmas Ornaments and Decorations have made a come back..  They are cute and they will not break...

A lot of crystal is being displayed this year...I've seen trees with vintage crystals for chandeliers... which looks amazing...but can be very expensive.... Imitation crystals can look just as nice....It brings a great sparkle to your tree..

 Lots of Silver also....seems to be trendy this year, from small packages to hang on a tree, to beads and balls....mixed with the Crystals and Felt....for a great trendy new look...

 Here is a close up snap shot of what I used this year....Silver, Crystal, berries and 1.5" vintage red velvet ribbon ......Its fun to mix and match....Have fun and don't be afraid to experiment....once you turn the lights on it all becomes very magical...

Happy Decorating!!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Stress Free Party Tips

Have Fun At Your Parties...

Harmonizing Homes has hosted many many parties....from our famous annual Beaujolais Parties in November to our annual White Party on Labor Day...and many in between...there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for a less stressful situation before the party

  • buy bagged ice or start making it ahead of time...use a cooler to keep extra on hand
  • pick out your serving dishes in advance - label the items with sticky notes prior to party time..this way you will know if you need to borrow or buy any additional items..
  • Keep already baked/cooked items that can be made ahead of time in the freezer...this way you can defrost them  at room temperature or pop them in the toaster oven or microwave in case guest pop over unannounced 
  • Stash simple syrup in the fridge for cocktails....
  • Be ready for a few tasks that guest can do for you....everyone always wants to give them a job.
  • Choice side dishes that can also be made ahead of time
  • Get into the spirit of the party ahead of time...pour yourself one of your favorite beverages....
  • Put on some music....A relaxed host and hostess will create a great party atmosphere  
  • Hire a server if you can afford for serving and clean up
Enjoy....its all about having fun with the people that you have invited...

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Usher in the Holidays with Red Flowers...

There is no better way to usher in the holiday than with Red....Use the hue strategically and sparingly through out the entire house.....Some of these suggestions below can be found in your own backyard, or at your local supermarket....Have fun with decorating with flowers...experiment with different vessels, such as a bowl, a bucket, a vase, crystal ice bucket whatever can hold water and some flowers....add some greens...and you have created a beautiful seasonal look..  The photo to the left is Cestrum Elegans which is a subtropic scrub....a flower shop would carry these... 

Gloriosa Lilly add to every day evergreens..
Red Holly Berries - found in your backyard or florist this time of year 

Hypericum usually they can be found at the grocery srote

Ranunculus a tight petal adds a touch of formality....found  at some grocery stores...or florist

Cala Lilly  usually found is white...

Primrose easily found great in a basket with moss  and greens

Skimmia which is actually an every green which you may have in your back yard

Red Amaryllis easily fund this time of year.. I also like the red and white stripe ones
Red French Tulips one of my favorites.. 

Red stem dog woods...found in your back yard or florist.


During this Holiday Season we all get a bit overwhelmed.. We can help with some of your preparations... 
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas into your homes the Feng Shui way!

Who would have thought??? Feng Shui Christmas....I will do anything to bring a bit of luck for the end of the year.....

The Christmas tree actually attract the most CHI of the season.  It should be the focal point of your interior decor and it is best placed in the entrance area or in your front living room area....  The Triangular shape of the tree symbolizes the Trinity sending energy upward to God.  The lights, gifts and decorations on the Christmas Tree means heaven, love and charity.  The Star at the top of the tree stands for hope!

Your front door is considered as the mouth of your home.  The health of your home depends on what kind of energy you receive through your main entrance door.      A Wreath on the door represents a beautiful crown of glory and is complete in every way as it has no beginning or end.

If your front door is facing south, east or southeast then hang green garland with red decorations.  If your door is facing north, northwest hand Garland that is mainly silver, metallic blue or gold in color.  Doors facing southwest or northeast should use silver garland and red decorations or use flickering lights.

Hang Christmas bells on the outside of your door handle which invites good luck and happiness for the coming year. Keep your driveway and hallways clean and free of clutter and place candles or burning lights along the side of he pathway....directing Chi inside your house.

Should you need some help in decorating this holiday season...Harmonizing Homes would be happy to help... Visit our website at  or our sister website  or you can reach us at 917-99-1262 - Happy Decorating!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Folding Sheets - For a neat look in the linen closet

One thing that I tell my clients is that the linen closet must be neat and organized with your home is being shown to sell.    One thing that has always been a mystery to many of us is how to properly fold sheets so they lay nicely in the closet instead of in a crinkly balled up mess.

Spread the sheet on a flat surface, fitted corners up
Fold sheet in half horizontally, tucking the fitted top corners into the fitted bottom corners. If your sheet has gathered sides, tuck them into each other, too. Smooth the edges flat.
Fold the sheet lengthwise so that all four fitted corners are on top of one another. Again, slide the top set of corners into the bottom set.

Fold the sheet in half again, and fold over the smooth end to finish. For a smaller bundle, fold again.

The Trick is to do this when the sheets first come out of the dryer....
During this Holiday Season we all get a bit overwhelmed.. We can help with some of your preparations... Visit us at Harmonizing Homes, LLC or 
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Make Your Bed

 Its time to think about sprucing up the guest bedroom for the up coming holidays....There are so many ways to make up a bed mixing an matching sheets, blankets and pillows...the combo's are endless...and so much fun...
Match your blanket to the sham

Fold the flat sheet over the duvet to show of the pattern
Pull all the colors together with throw pillows
layers of prints
folding down the blanket to show off the sheet pattern
drape a matching blanket to cuddle up with

 A single colored pillow can be dramatic

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