Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas into your homes the Feng Shui way!

Who would have thought??? Feng Shui Christmas....I will do anything to bring a bit of luck for the end of the year.....

The Christmas tree actually attract the most CHI of the season.  It should be the focal point of your interior decor and it is best placed in the entrance area or in your front living room area....  The Triangular shape of the tree symbolizes the Trinity sending energy upward to God.  The lights, gifts and decorations on the Christmas Tree means heaven, love and charity.  The Star at the top of the tree stands for hope!

Your front door is considered as the mouth of your home.  The health of your home depends on what kind of energy you receive through your main entrance door.      A Wreath on the door represents a beautiful crown of glory and is complete in every way as it has no beginning or end.

If your front door is facing south, east or southeast then hang green garland with red decorations.  If your door is facing north, northwest hand Garland that is mainly silver, metallic blue or gold in color.  Doors facing southwest or northeast should use silver garland and red decorations or use flickering lights.

Hang Christmas bells on the outside of your door handle which invites good luck and happiness for the coming year. Keep your driveway and hallways clean and free of clutter and place candles or burning lights along the side of he pathway....directing Chi inside your house.

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