Monday, November 26, 2012

How to sample paint swatches

 For many of us on the East Coast are in a state of sock from the SUPER STORM SANDY (SSS)... Mother Nature has forced us into fixing our homes....and we area all having difficulties make choices... It is so easy to drive yourself crazy picking a color.  I've know people to have squares up on the walls for more than a year.  To avoid color paralysis test no more that five finalist is a room.

 I suggest getting the large swatches at least 9"x 12" sold by some paint companies or.... you can make your own with sample-size paints and large pieces of white cardboard, or foam board.  Move the swatches around the room from wall to wall and note how the colors look different times of the day before choosing the winner.  Its only paint....don't stress over it...have fun.

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