Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Painting - The right tool for the job

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.....and then the race begins....the shopping, the baking, the parties...oh wait you need to get the house ready first!!!  Here are some tips on what brushes and/or rollers you should use to get the job done right the first time around....and remember its just relax... My recommended brush choice is Purdy.

For filling cracks on trim or touch ups use a 1" inch sponge brush
For painting narrow trim like window sashes and chair rails - use a 1" angle brush
For cutting along trim and ceiling use a 2 1/2 " Angled brush

For Narrow paths, like between tow window frames use mini sponge roller
For covering drywall and smooth plaster walls use 3/8" nap roller
For brick, highly textured plaster or cinder block use 1"-1 1/2" nap roller

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Painting.

As always Harmonizing Homes is here to help if you would like assistance
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