Friday, November 30, 2012

Usher in the Holidays with Red Flowers...

There is no better way to usher in the holiday than with Red....Use the hue strategically and sparingly through out the entire house.....Some of these suggestions below can be found in your own backyard, or at your local supermarket....Have fun with decorating with flowers...experiment with different vessels, such as a bowl, a bucket, a vase, crystal ice bucket whatever can hold water and some flowers....add some greens...and you have created a beautiful seasonal look..  The photo to the left is Cestrum Elegans which is a subtropic scrub....a flower shop would carry these... 

Gloriosa Lilly add to every day evergreens..
Red Holly Berries - found in your backyard or florist this time of year 

Hypericum usually they can be found at the grocery srote

Ranunculus a tight petal adds a touch of formality....found  at some grocery stores...or florist

Cala Lilly  usually found is white...

Primrose easily found great in a basket with moss  and greens

Skimmia which is actually an every green which you may have in your back yard

Red Amaryllis easily fund this time of year.. I also like the red and white stripe ones
Red French Tulips one of my favorites.. 

Red stem dog woods...found in your back yard or florist.


During this Holiday Season we all get a bit overwhelmed.. We can help with some of your preparations... 
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