Tuesday, September 22, 2015



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I am so very fortunate in the work that I do….I get to make people happy…It is pretty amazing!!!  As I have developed and grown I have learned many things…One important thing that I have learned is that each piece of furniture that I have painted, waxed, buffed and presented back to the owner; has a  very personal story attached.     It doesn’t have to be heirloom to be a valued piece, it is the memories of who owned it, who found it, what it was used for.
Today I am blogging about a piece that I did for a woman named Barb…She lives in Ortley Beach New Jersey in a brand new reversed living module home with beautiful ocean views….Her original home was swallowed up by Sandy three years ago..

Arial View of a section of Ortley Beach after Sandy
Barb had this piece that was her mother in laws and  thought it would be very useful as extra storage in her new home… We discussed colors prior and decided to paint the interior Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue, and the  Exterior Old White… Here are the results….. We used all of the original hardware we just sanded it down  to the natural wood.




Another thing that has happen along my journey in developing and growing Harmonize Homes, is that I have made so many new friendships which makes me smile…
Checkout our price guide Harmonizing Homes Price Guide (5).    We are taking appointments for November if you are interested in having a piece painted.
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Saturday, September 19, 2015



Welcome Friends!

We are so very excited about finally being able to publish our our pricing guide… The guide is actually a book like document however for posting purposes we have attached a PDF for online viewing….This guide will also be available in print if you are interested.
We are also very excited to announce to announce that we are now doing kitchen and bathroom designs…We are partnering up with a local cabinet company located in Red Bank NJ….so keep us in mind for your next kitchen or bath transformation.  We have several lines and grades of cabinetry available to us.

So go ahead and click on the link below for a full pricing and service list…

Looking forward to helping you on your next project however big or small…

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Friday, September 11, 2015


AUTUMNAL WARMTHPERSIMMONThe warmer colors of fall

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One of my favorite go to colors is orange.  A spicy orange hue can add an unexpected sophistication to your space and wardrobe.  Now that we are closing in on the fall season, more and more people are receptive to the color orange. They are buying pumpkin lattes, eating pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin spice muffins. Wearing knit orange sweaters and carrying orange purses.tumblr_m7a70qE7Tt1qctwgeo1_500
Traditionally, orange is said to stimulate activity, appetite and socialization. In decor it can be a bright pop of color or a more muted background color used to warm up a room.  It looks amazing with blue as you can see in this photo….and great with grey.
I use it through out my home with throw pillows, flowers, artwork, throws on a couch and dishes… The color orange just makes me smile….

Use some orange textured wall paper on an accent wall.
Add a few pillows in orange and a nice warm throw blanket
Add an orange plate on your fall table
Orange has an old world charm
A great combination from Thibult
Our question this week was from Ellen ~”I’d like to update my 15 year old cherry kitchen. I don’t have decorative trim on the tops of my cabinets – what can I do to refresh the look?”FullSizeRender (8)
One of the easiest ways to up date your kitchen cabinets is add some new hardware.  Here is one that I think would look great on your cabinets. Top Knobs.  The second would be to add a color to the wood doors.  This option is a bit more expensive.  We do paint cabinets, please contact us for our full price listing.  Another way to up date is to change out some of the solid doors to glass and add some lighting inside the cabinets.

Don’t forget our Friday Feature Days we love to answer your questions.We will be releasing our new price listing next week…Charles worked extremely hard in pulling it all together for us….We are thrilled!!!  I can’t wait to share with all of you! It will only be sent to those of you that are on our mailing list via email.  If you are interested in receiving a copy please click on questions above which will bring you to our contact list and let us know that you would like a copy sent to you.
Enjoy the weekend
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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


STAGING AT EVERY LEVELA LOOK INTO THE BRODERICK’S HOMESome times it only takes the perfect piece of Art

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I hope you all had a nice relaxing Labor Day Weekend!   We had our annual white party ( which is all about wearing white and eating a lot of food).  This year we celebrated my brothers 50th birthday at the event with lots of surprise guests…..The rest of the weekend we just hung out at the beach with friends and family.

I spent a bit of time going through magazines and looking for inspiration for various projects that Charles and I are working on.  While flipping through I came across this article about Laser Focus in Elle Decor September 2015 issue.  I began to read it as I loved the painted steal and copper chandelier.  As I read through the article, the chandelier was purchased a part of the staging inventory for  Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s NYC Townhouse.   The design team of Ash NYC staged their home for sale.   This is the complete article of their home from the NY Daily News ( I rather the NY Post if you were wondering)  New York Daily News  .  So I thought I would blog about the need to stage a home….The Broderick’s reportedly never even lived in their brownstone however, they still had it staged.   When you look at the photo’s which I have included you will see no heavy draperies, only open bright living areas, simple clean lines, neutral paint palettes .  A few vignettes over the fireplace areas… simple and beautiful.    Staging makes all the difference in the world when trying to sell you home.  A simple tip “less is more” when staging (less furniture, less window treatments, less artwork, less  Chotskies (click on link for definition).  Harmonizing Homes can help stage your home. We stage real estate for marketing professionals, developers, and sellers from our ever-growing inventory.   Go to the bottom of this blog and click on the more information link and we will send you our price list.sarah-jessica-parker-townhousesarah-jessica-parker-townhouse (1)sjp2f-5-web

If you would like us to send you our price listing for any of our services please click on the link and fill out the information. Pricing information.    I hope you enjoyed our blog…and remember we have a great team that is is to help you with your design needs.
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Pillow Talk

PILLOW TALKBEDDINGAddressing a place where you spend a third of your life

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Well, its 20 days until fall…. It is the end of the free flow of summer time fun and the start of one of the most beautiful seasons Fall!   The cooler weather brings out warm blankets, comfy pillows, socks and sweaters.
I remember my mother would change her drapes and bedding every year for the fall and winter months…she still does at age 90 God bless her.
Believe it or not sleep scientists have indicated that the quality of your mattress pillows and linen’s actually have an affect on how well you sleep.  So it is wise to choose your mattress size wisely.    Your headboard will actually be the center piece of your room.  Splurge on your bed linens there are so many different kinds of sheets available.   You want something that is durable and has a softness and smoothness to the fabric. The higher thread count does not necessarily mean a superior sheet.
Don’t forget pillows….did you know that you should actually replace your sleeping pillows every 12-18 months.
The random question that we picked from last weeks question(s)
“I am repainting my 2 story family room and hallway. Previously I had 2 darker shades on 2 walls and the rest was a lighter shade. I was wondering if it would be better if I paint one wall darker as an accent wall. If so, would it be the wall with the fireplace and all the windows or the wall to the left. I’m concerned painting both walls darker may be too much” Connie
I love double height spaces!  I would paint all walls the same lighter color, or if you want an accent wall- go for the fireplace walls to keep that the focal point.
Keep sending in your questions….we love hearing from you … Questions
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