Friday, December 7, 2012

Romance and the Chandelier

A great European look
My very first love
 My very first love affair was found on Craig's List for Seventy Five Dollars $75.00 I had to drive outside of the city...but it was worth the trip.

 All the crystals were in tack on a beautiful ornate brass frame....I couldn't wait to hang it over my bed in my NYC apartment.  I bought a rosette plaster plaque to hang it from...I ended that affair when we sold the apartment..It was bitter sweet...

The buyers had fallen in love with the shimming crystals. The final photo to the left was taken with instagram as we parted our way..
painting the base is always an option and a great contrast

Hang several in different styles 

Totally Shabby Chic 

You can hang one just as a decorate piece without electrical wiring

Add a dimer and you have created a wonderful peaceful retreat 

A mirror adds to the beauty of the chandelier with the reflected lighting

A bit of greens for the holidays

love the conflicting look of elegance and raw wood

the focal point in a kitchen


old world

Child's play why not 

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