Thursday, December 6, 2012


Nothing says welcome like a wreath hanging on your front door....

You are inviting folks to come in and better yet they looking at your front door. It is great curb appeal especially if you want to be drawing attention to your home for marketing reasons.

Here are a few of my favorite wreaths for anytime of the season(s)...that I have come across


The Live Olive and Myrtle Wreath is handmade in California and measures 22 inches in diameter; $89 at Pottery Barn.

For traditionalists, a 17-inch Pepperberry and Birch Wreath, made with green spruce, is $98 from Terrain.

San Francisco's Flora Grubb Gardens, the Fresh Silvertree Wreath has shimmery leucadendron argenteum leaves, rosemary stems, sempervivum rosettes, and kalanchoe cuttings. It measures approximately 24 inches in diameter; $250. For more gift ideas, see Flora Grubb's Living Ornaments.

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