Monday, January 28, 2013

Using Color Psychology to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can feel a little intimidating when you feel like you don’t know where to start. It is no wonder that most people don’t realize the inherent value in decorating their home before selling.
There are, however, some great ways to decorate your home before selling on the cheap. For example, a quick coat of paint used right can help save lots of money and increase the value of your home.
Color psychology is the emotional effect that various colors have on a person and, when used correctly, can be incorporated into a quick decoration plan to help make your home much more desirable for potential buyers.
Light colors create the illusion of space

Light colors such as off-whites and creams reflect light very well making a room brighter. This, used in conjunction with a good natural light source can help make a room look much larger and more open than it actually is. This is a great tool, as potential buyers will be under the impression that the room is larger, thus making it more desirable.
The extreme of a light color is white; white reflects the most possible light and gives the impression of extreme cleanliness and purity. Because of this it is often best used only in the bathroom or kitchen, as it can be considered a cold color and can be quite hard on the eyes otherwise.
Mirrors can also be used to help create the illusion of space, they can maximize natural light spread around the room. Mirrors also give the subconscious mind the feeling that there is space behind the mirror. If it is a nice day when you are having people viewing the house, make sure that you let as much natural light into the room as possible by pulling up the blinds and opening the curtains.
Dark colors create intimacy and warmth

Darker colors like browns and deep reds absorb light and can actually make a room feel smaller than it is. When decorating your home for sale, you’ll want to minimize the usage of these types of colors; however this doesn’t meant that they aren’t useful.
Dark colors help create the feeling of intimacy and can be used greatly in the master bedroom to increase its desirability. Darker shades can give the room a cozy feel, which is especially great if your potential buyers are a young couple looking to move into a larger property and start a family.
Bright colors to highlight key features

Bright colors can be great when used sparingly; they can be used to highlight certain areas in the home that go with a lighter, more neutral color scheme. Some of the brighter colors are also known to invoke different emotional responses from potential buyers.
A quick coat of paint could be a great, inexpensive way to make your home more desirable for sale. Houses that sell quickly are also more likely to go for a better price, and a good paint job may help you do just that.
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