Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting What in 2013?

I always find it so interesting.....people can not wait to put up their Holiday Decorations...and they can't wait to tear them all down to begin the cycle of life once again....

I haven't taken my decorations down as of yet as we haven't celebrated Christmas nor New Years due to the Nasty Flu!!   So my decorations are up until this weekend....but I am like all of you......I need to get organized especially after being sick for two weeks... How does stuff accumulate everywhere??  Why do I have all this stuff next to my BED??

I'm feeling much better today, I  have my New 2013 moleskin Weekly Notebook... I don't believe in New Years Resolutions so there will be non of those reveled...

So lets start by a month of decluttering...(that is what we do in January)

As you can see from this photo there is too much going on here

Clean uncluttered look
Now that the tree is out of your living room "Dare To Be Spare"  - Lets being! - Many of us have too much furniture.  I know I have a chair I would like to get rid off...( but can't)

Even the most spaciousness living room can look like we are hoarders....Stick to the basic's which is a Sofa, a comfy Chair and end table and coffee table and arrange so there's a clear, unimpeded traffic flow. You will enjoy the new look also...

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