Monday, January 14, 2013


After losing my full time job of eleven years in New York City on October 2011, we decided to sell our apartment and move to our Summer Home Full time.    I thought it would be a great series of blogs "the transformation of each room, on a very limited budget".   It is one thing to decorate when you have an unlimited budget and it is another to decorate on a very limited budget.  I hope to make this series entertaining and fun.....

Let's start out with the master suite... the door entering into the bedroom, remains knotty pine at this point in time, with the original hard ware attached. Knotty pine is contiguous to the Jersey Shore for sure...

As you may notice by the picture the door is on a slant....which is fine for me to walk in as I am only 5'3"...but others have to tilt their heads as it is in the front dormer area of the house....

Some items transferred from NYC to down the shore

another architectural elements  

These little windows (two of them) have such character...and are so non energy efficient ....this year we had plexi -glass cut to help with the draft.....but in the summer time, the open windows bring the seagulls voices right into our room..

The bed is the focal point of the room, we haven't refinished the floors as of yet, but we did add a fresh new coat of paint.  The rugs are new along with the bedding.  The end tables are borrowed from another one of our homes, and the art work was ours...As you can see the layout of the room and the walls are very challenging with designing this space...


 I love to mix up art work.....I have one of my own pieces, and some that I've picked up along my travels and local home stores...I also mix a lot of various size mirrors in my designs....which reflects the light and brings an entirely other dimension into a room

There really isn't a way that I can create a head board, without blocking the windows that I so love.... I I added a collection of Art work and some big European pillows...for reading...

I love to collect custom jewelry... and it adds to the warmth of the room
a must read each morning to keep me in prospective (thank you Joan Bruno)

A reminder of beach years gone by and hoping they will return a but if a catch all

  I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of our room......on a limited budget.....

Paint                                 90.00      Benjamin Moore (2 gallons)
Rugs                                120.00     Ralph Lauren - Home Goods
Bedding                           100.00     Raymond Waits - Marshall
Bench                              125.00     Home Goods
Small Mirrors behind Bed  10.00    Garage Sale
Picture Of Bike                  39.99     Home Goods
Jewelry Stand                    29.99     Home Goods
Lamps                               80.00    Home Goods
Total                            $590.00


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