Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving again

I don't really know how this all happened but in the last month we put a deposit on another home and we are putting our home up for sale.

One of the reasons is that I was working and living in the same space.  My office was cramped with all my painting, decorating and staging items.  While we are showing the home, I rented space so that I can continue working...but in the mean time I have to pack all of this up and move it before I do anything else.
I have to convert this office back into a spare bedroom before the photo's are taken.... I decided to document the that I felt some sense of accomplishment...I have to keep my self entertained..

getting there

brought down the other bed that I had stowed away upstairs
A quick trip to Home Goods  for two pictures and a lamp....and I have myself a proper bedroom that is clean and airy...hmmm just noticed I am missing a curtain...  Total $109.00...I had everything else..


I will continue with my photo essay of my home and the preparations for our next move....I think its #6..... 

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