Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Feeling Tired?

This time of the year many people are feeling tired.  One of the big factors is setting the clock's back by an hour.  As silly as that seems, once the dark comes upon us we automatically want to get settled in for the evening. 

Another reason is the overwhelmed  feelings of the holiday's coming upon us.  There is just so much to do between the time the calendar flips to November into December.   If you have young children in your house hold you most likely have school events, the class trips, birthday parties, sport practices, religion classes etc. etc. etc. Oh, and do you have a job outside the home?  If you have a significant other that helps keep up with the laundry, errands, food shopping etc ...you are among the  lucky ones...

One huge reason why you may be feeling so tired is from your home!  Since you are busy with so many other obligations and events this time of year your home sometimes gets neglected.  Or perhaps its not only this time of year but your home is always neglected.  If my home is out of sorts, I'm out of sorts.   Once your home is in order, your mind will be in order and you can rest easier at night.

There are professional organizers that can help you get your home to where it needs to be.  Thumbtack is a good resources.  You put in the area where you live and what you want done as far as organization.   You then will receive bids from various organizers.  If you can't afford a home organizer there are plenty on line sites that can motivate you to start.  My suggestion is to start in the heart of the home the kitchen.  Once your kitchen is organized than head on to the bedrooms.  I am telling you that once you have control of your home and your clutter you will feel energized and less.

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