Friday, August 16, 2013

Clutter can raise your stress level

I have experienced this first handed -  I have a small home office where I try to run Harmonizing Homes, and Shore Chicy Designs.....At times the amount of projects and clutter stops my creativity and production because of the stress level that I am experiencing.  I than have to stop everything and clean up the space and organize before I can continue on, which is a waste of time and energy.   A larger space would help but for now it is what it is; as they say.... With the new school season upon us shortly, I thought I would address and hopefully help Moms get a handle on clutter and organization.

Many mothers experience unnecessary stress during the school year, looking for homework, books, book bags, etc.  Laura Whittman of Organizing Junkie  created this station in the garage - When the children come home, they grab their homework and books, hang up their back packs.  When they are done with their home work, it goes back into their back packs and hung ready to grab for the next day.
Great Organizing Built-ins to keep all your children school work and sports-equipment 
Now lets talk about your pantry - Here is another easy thing to do making snacks easy to reach by those little hands and neat at the same time. Simple cut off the tops of the boxes!  Check out her blog, she even has a printable cleaning schedule to help you stay on top of things....

This is cleaver idea is from Becky of Clean Mama
I am always looking for cleaver ideas to share with organization, home interiors, staging homes and more....I hope you will enjoy!  Visit us on Facebook....for daily updates ...

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