Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October is almost over, its time to get organized for the holidays!

~Its important to create the conditions for success not mater where you live or how much you've got, you can make your home a haven that supports your quest for a balance life, a place where you can rest and recharge , a sacred space to reflect and heal.  Doing this not only brings harmony to your own existence, it also promotes harmonies interaction with family and friends~.  Mariel Hemingway 

October is almost over, its time to get ready for the holidays!

FIRST STEP IN PREPARING FOR THE UPCOMING HOLIDAYS: Every year at this time I go through my pantry and cabinets, checking dates, putting like things together in clear plastic shoe containers, checking if I have the cooking basics I need for the upcoming festivities, spices, broths etc.. Take half an hour and tackle yours!

KITCHEN UTENSIL DRAWER - spend just fifteen minutes today dragging everything out of your utensil drawer. Donate any spatulas, ladles or gizmos that you seldom use. 

 POTS & PANS - this is a hard one but it'll make you feel so great! Right now, dig out any pots & pans that you no longer use . Be brutal!! I love to cook and have lots of pots but still managed to find quite a few to donate. 

These are just simple tasks that you can do make November more organized.

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