Monday, October 8, 2012


I started Harmonizing Homes ,LLC in October of 2009. Home staging in the last three years has been very challenging due various economic conditions. Interior Designs Redesign and Home Staging is a passion of mine….and I will not let go of my passion this time around. One of my most recent challenges was to stage a home with no budget (no money)… aka for family….. The home belongs to my brother –in-laws mother; who has moved out to live with her son in north Jersey. The 55+ communities are suffering from plugging prices! Estates/families would rather dump the homes cheaply, than applying a bit of sweat equity to make a difference. I hope you enjoy this photo journey of what a bit of planning and work can do. This project took place throughout this past summer. The goal was to be completed place on the market by the end of September… The first step: de-clutter, find out what mom really wanted and what she could live without.
The second step: drawing plans of where she was going to move to and what furniture and belongings she could take.
The third step: box all remaining items for future garage sale. Once the house was cleared you can now see what needed to be done. • Take down the wall paper in porch and kitchen • Take down the vertical blinds • Wash Windows • Clean and Shine Bathrooms • Hire a painter The Forth Step: Tackle the outside of the home! • Power wash the siding, patio, walk ways • Repaint entrance door • Trim bushes and mulch • Bring in some fresh mums and a pumpkins The Fifth Step: Let the staging begin….. • Removed oversized table in kitchen
• Changed up light bulbs and added clear globs in kitchen • Added an some up dated props • Set the dining room table
• Move the server to other wall and set as bar • Repaint faux stone wall one color • Added a small couch with a white sail cloth cotton slip cover; add some pillows • Filled decanters that were going in the garage sale with food colored water. • Set the bar
• Added a funky new mirror • A small table was placed in the corner with a few objects • White linens used on bedding and in bathroom
• Glass decanters found a thrift shop filled with cotton balls and mouth wash as a decorative addition to bathroom
• The porch was now a lounging reading room
The final step: Property was listed – The homeowner had an offer and contract within 5 days within her asking price…. Now wasn't that worth the little bit of effort…..Everyone wins….the community’s comparable rate is where it should be or it had increases – The homeowner receives a fair value for the home, the real-estate agent is motivated to sell the home….. I am happy because everyone can see that staging a home really does work!!

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