Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another House???

 I am starting to think that we are abnormal in the amounts of moves that we have done over the past it that we get bored or is it the current situations and necessities?

I'm not sure...but we are on the move again...I think...if all goes well with final inspections and closings. We will be out of this home by the first week in July.

This is a bitter sweet move as I will miss the views and the people in the neighborhood... Its a vacation atmosphere most of the year.  Folks walking their dogs carrying a beverage at the end of the day....folks stopping by while passing on their bikes to chat for a bit....It is a close net community.  

We needed more space to grow our it really is all good.  With any move there are always lots to do....we need to find a home to rent until about November before we can get into the home that we are buying....

I also always find it funny with what people want from your home.  This couple wanted our chairs in the front lawn.

And my drop leaf table...pictured below... I'll give up the chairs but I had to say no on the table...This table went from our 1850 Farm house to 276 Riverside Drive in NYC to 320 West 83rd NYC to 21 River Road Toms River to 9 Bayshore Drive.  There are only two pieces that have traveled the distance with us and this is one of them that I couldn't give up.

I'll keep you posted as to the move as it happens...for now I'm soaking in the views and enjoying our last days here at 9 Bayshore Drive..
If you are in the neighborhood stop in ....

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