Thursday, September 29, 2016

Like clock work every year the beauty of Fall comes into our lives.  I always feel a bit sad that summer has come to an end.  There are no rules in Summer, no shoes, we live in swim suites, read books, hang on the beach and let our minds just wonder.

Fall comes and there are schedules, planning, flight arrangements for travel for the holidays. OMG Rosh Hashanah is next week What are the kids going to be for Halloween?  Where are we having Thanksgiving ? 

We decide we need to get things in order.

We start to look inward at our home, cooking, family and friends.  How can there be only three months left in 2016??

When I walk up this morning to a dark rainy cold morning.  I slipped on my yoga pants and loose fitted top and grabbed my coffee to begin planning my day. 
I just wanted to make a stew ..That Is what the day feels like.....or maybe just sit and read my book that I started on the beach this summer and didn't finish it.  Its still in my beach bag with my towel.

But the truth is we are busy helping folks like you get there homes in order for the holidays.  We have a great team of designers and artisans that can help you with your decorating
Don't wait until the end of October as it may be too late.


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