Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Who What Where When

Knowing that the success of Harmonizing Homes is dependent on myself is beyond scary at times however I wouldn't change it at all!

I have been asked what did you want to be when you were a child?  I wanted to be an artist, I loved color, design.  I studied graphic design when I was in High School, I elected to go off campus to do so. 

Best Business Advise -  You can't do everything on your own .  Look for experts when you need to and hire professionals for the things that you acknowledge that you are not good at.

What is the Biggest Risk?  Everyday is uncertain and is an adventure.  If I don't get up and get moving get my self out there the business would not be...Every day is different!

Biggest Lesson learned?  That it doesn't just take creativity to be successful in business, I have to deal with the daily nuts and bolts such as policies and procedures, contracts. It is something that I have battled from the beginning with some expensive lessons learned.

My Proudest Trades?   Resiliency.....recreating my self!

Where do I get inspiration?  Travel is the best way....remove your self from your daily environment even if its is a trip into NYC....but my favorite place for inspiration is Vermont.


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