Saturday, January 28, 2017

Do I need to use a Home Stager? Home Staging Costs and Types Part 2 of 4


In today's Digital Media Marketing you are in visual competition instantly as soon as your home hits the MLS. 

As you can see at a click of a button everyone can see your home and what it looks like compared to others.  They can see if it is neat clean and updated, and also if it is cluttered and needs TLC. 

So what can a home stager do for you the home owner.  Staging make you money, it creates a strong marketing image.  Stagers work in both occupied and vacant situation. The first step with staging starts with a consultation.  These consultations can range anywhere from 150.00 - 300.00 per hour, usually with a two hour minimum.  After the consultation  the stager  gives you all of the suggestion on what to do to improve your home or they can do it all for you.   Some stagers have their own furniture along with accessories.  Other stagers use furniture rental companies for their projects and rent you their own accessories.  Furniture rental is usually for a three month period of time and than can be rented one month at a time. 

Hiring a stager actually frees up your realtor to market your home and negotiate the offers that come in...they don't have to worry about getting your home presentable for the market.

The cost of staging varies for region to region.  You can get a ball park figure on the actual cost of staging by multiplying 1.25 per square foot of the rooms that you are going to stage.  You have to add in delivery fees, furniture and accessory fees and floor plan fees. 

Home Stagers are  visual marketers and they market your home according to the demographic that the realtor is focusing on. 

As recent as last week we were asked to view a vacant property for sale by owner.  We went to the property prepared our proposal according to the homeowners recommendations; which was living area, dining area, master bedroom and all bathrooms.  Our proposal included all the furnishings, rugs, accessories and art work staging and delivery. Are all in cost for the staging was $3,635. He declined and decided to do it himself.  Realtors had advised him it was not necessary to do a full staging.  See link of home staged by homeowner.  The home has four bedrooms but showing only dining seating for 4, entertainment seating for 3.  It is not portraying the homes potential, instead it is showing the potential buyer that there is very little living space.  So be mindful in taking recommendations from no professional home stagers. 

Showing a home  vacant is like showing off your naked body it better be perfect!

Here are some photo's of what staging can produce. With working with the home owner stagers are able to make the best use of the space and highlight notable features.  If you are going to hire a home stager make sure the staging company has insurance and is certified.  A good reference to find a stager in your area is RESA, Real Estate Stating Association.  Follow link for a listing in your area.
Lastly use a good real estate photographer . 

Here are some before and after photo's of work we did this past year!


I hope this was helpful to you...remember first impressions count.  For more information you can contact me  by following this link send me your questions.  If you didn't read part one of the four part series I have attached the link to part one.



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