Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the perfect color sea glass color for your walls

I know that most of you that may be reading my blog do not have the availability of hunting for sea glass.

I do and let me tell you it can get brutal out there.  My sister and I have started a fieriest competition for not only the rarest color glass, but for the most collected during the summer season ; FYI (she is winning).

We have gotten chased by the Seaside Park Guards for entering an area off limits after Super Storm Sandy hit .....and have ran and pushed one another to pick up the glass first.  After last October's Storm, we have found many pieces of glass including pottery pieces.  The very best is when you find that perfect shade of blue.

The color blue is associated with summer from the navy to the aqua blues ...a summer home painted in blues is always bright and welcoming and SCREAMS SUMMER!

I came across this blue below that I thought would be a great color for any room.  Its call Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper.

"BENJAMIN MOORE GLASS SLIPPER 1632: "I love grayish blue as a backdrop — the blue of a washed-out sky just after a storm has passed."Christopher Maya 

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