Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unpredictable Dinning Rooms

I just love the element of surprise in design...combining fabric, textures, colors, furniture and styles adds to the design elements.  I have chosen some of my favorite photo's of unpredictable dining rooms.

Interior Philip Gorrivan.
I love the choice of fabric and chair choices in this picture
source unknown 
The use of various furniture styles while pulling off a Moroccan feel.

Laura U Interior Design  - Huston
The use of wall paper on the ceiling rather than the walls adds some unpredictable element in this dinning room.

Laura U Inc Interior Design - Huston
Why not have a color in a hutch?
Kindel Furniture 
Love the mixture of fixture and art in this dining room
David Scott Interiors - NYC
I hope you enjoyed the unpredictable dining rooms - It is always fun to put some element of surprise in a design.  Visit Harmonizing Homes at www.harmonizehomes.com or our sister company shore chicy designs

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