Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do you like Chintz??

"Chintz fabric is a glazed woven textile bearing bold printed or floral patterns. The word “chintz” is a Hindu derivative of the Sanskrit word “chitra,” meaning spotted or bright. The unique patterns and production process associated with chintz fabric have helped it endure the test of time to remain in production today."

I recently worked with a lovely client that had a beautiful two beautiful chairs covered in chintz ....She was told by a another designer that Chintz was out!    It is NOT OUT ...and back in a big way....

My Clients Chairs..

Bowood cotton, in green, gray, #1020-01, by Colefax and Fowler, to the trade from Cowtan & Tout.

Garden Club floral cotton, in Porcelain, LCF60423F, $51/yd., by  Ralph  Lauren

Eileen cotton, in blue and in white, #0112, by Rose Cumming (and named for the decorator’s sister Eileen Cumming Cecil), to the trade from Dessin Fournir.

Jacobean Tree cotton, in aqua, #980003-135, to the trade fromLee Jofa.

Fuchsia cotton, in blue, 1070-02, by Colefax and Fowler, to the trade from Cowtan & Tout.

Mario Buatta 
Mario Buatta


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