Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Staging Your Stuff

Many Baby Boomers are now at a age, where they have downsized, moved on to a new homes.  Once they have entered their new living environment they are overwhelmed on how and where to located some precious items that they had backed and moved with them.   The wall space isn't the same, the floor plan is open, there are fewer and in some cases additional spaces that they did not have before.

I am a firm believer and making what you have work in the current living area....Here are a few examples on how items can be beautifully arranged...

Use a foot stool as a coffee table

Add some artwork to the kitchen why not?

Place some odd and end tables in your seating areas for display

Make a  beautiful display of left over artwork 

Use an extra table as a display and extra seating for games

Make a office setting in one room and display some odds and ends that you have that make you smile

If ceiling heights are much higher, layer at various heights

Display your collections on your mantel....

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