Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Is Your Collectibles Taking Control ?

Vintage Vases in our Cottage House
There is a lot to be said for a great collection....It is also so much fun adding to your collection...but after a while the collection can be a bit overwhelming and what do you do with it all?  Over the years I have collected "Wee Folk", Old Sprinklers,  Flower Frogs, White McCoy Vases....on and on....I still have some of them, however, they are spread among two houses....  
Flower Frogs on a garage window sill
Collections can get overwhelming and can take over.  So consider the following 6 points when displaying.

There are lots of ways to display depending on the collection.
1.  Consider the Collection - Vintage Plates would be great in a kitchen
2. Find the right spot - Think of who visits each room - If it is something that you want to share with everyone - Make sure it is in a room where visitors can appreciate your collection
3. Group for color - Like colors or complementary colors make a beautiful display
4. Pay attention to Texture - A mixture of textures is very ecstatically pleasing 
5. Create a Vignette according to theme - Collections can be built around an era, it does not have to stay in one theme
6. Let the design evolve - Let your self add and subtract to the collection

Here on some great Kitchen collections....I hope you enjoy... Send me pictures of your collections and I will share in my next blog...

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