Thursday, June 20, 2013

What does your garden look like?

By now in New Jersey our gardens are planted, the peony's have bloomed and the hydrangea's are making their debut...   

There is so much pleasure, reward and satisfaction in really do not need much more than a container....some dirt, seeds...add  water and you have a little bit of natures beauty.  

This year many of us that live on the coast of New Jersey had extensive gardening due to the Storm Surge of Sandy...  We have hulled in new top soil, mulch and new shrubbery.  For the most part, the perennials that did not wash away came back harder then before....

Nothing is better than having a morning cup of coffee and walking through your yard checking out the new growth.  I hope this makes you smile.

You can stick to a certain color scheme 
a container wrapped with vines for a great center piece on a table by Harmonize Homes

add a variety of heights and colors for a focus point 

various colors and textures makes a garden interesting

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