Monday, February 4, 2013

Storage is your friend.

Its February and according to New York Times Best Seller "one year to an organized life" .  Its time to organize your closet.  Especially if you are getting ready to put your home on the market for sale.  People are very interested in storage; so they will be looking in your closets for space allowance.
If they open up your closet and see disorganization, they are going to assume immediately that  your home has an issue with storage and that there will not be enough space for their items
This picture shows and tells and entirely different story. Space, organization, attractive, functional.   Trust me storage is your friend when you are selling your home.  My husband and I had one closet to share when we lived in Manhattan.  We purchased ELFA from the Container Store, which solve all of our storage issues.

It is important to clean out your existing closet first of unwanted and unrelated items.  Make donations to charity or to friends and family.  If you have gained weight and you are keeping those skinny clothes as an incentive - keep only one piece and get rid of all the others.     Peter Walsh has a cleaver hanger trick  after you organize your closet place the hanger in backwards as illustrated below.  Mark your calendar say for two months from the date that you hung the hangers backwards.  If after those two months the hangers are still backwards, it is pretty safe to say you will not be wearing that get rid of it.  For more great tips on organizing your closet click on link for Peter Walsh

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