Monday, February 25, 2013

What does my house look like?

 I often have been asked about what does my house look like?  Well, its hard to explain as it is a work in progress....

We bought this house in October of 2010 while we were still living in New York City full time.

We moved into this house full time March 2011 with various items and artifacts from previous homes all rolled  together now in one.
A south facing reading spot with lots of light and comfort

We spend a lot of time in the enclosed porch - This bell is rung at 4:30 during the summer  at the start of cocktail time

This table is always filled with people and food -   I invested in Lloyd Flanders  which can be used inside or out

This is why we spend so much time on the porch....sunny, warm and comfy...not to mention so great water views

Kitchen  is filled with what ever is needed to make some Delicious dire needs of a renovation however 

I  bought this antique potting table which has followed me through three moves.....

There are always something happening on the water way that you need a closer look..

What is on my coffee Table?   My French Life by Vicki Archer, Interiors/Atelier AM, House by Diane Keaton, The way we live, Bunny Williams Scrap Book and the Colors of Provence

A Mail drop off basket 

I love this  lady....Her faceless expressions always brings me smiles

This is where we hang - new window and doors just installed after "Sandy" we  have the Terracotta  tiles  which will be installed next

So as you can see our home is filled with items that make us feel comfortable and happy.  Our colors are warm , our furniture is comfortable and the house is always filled with family, friends, great food and wonderful wine.  I hope you enjoyed the gimps into our decor....

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