Thursday, February 28, 2013

Would You Use Orange in a Kitchen

My Kitchen in NYC  - I used Farrow and Ball "Charlotte's Locks" 
 I have always loved the color orange -  I have used it through out the the color came in and out of vogue 

The color orange actually affects us physically.  It stimulates activity and appetite...which can be good or bad...  

 Another thing that Orange does is stimulates  socialization...and that is what kitchens are all about.

As you can see my previous kitchen to the left was a typical New York City Apartment Kitchen; Extremely Small....but everyone would gather in that space....

I have included some random photos of kitchens to show how the color orange can bring life to a kitchen....

Great look with brick and stainless
Warm and inviting

It adds a dramatic contrast 

The orange backslash adds warmth and depth to the kitchen

What are some of your favorite colors of orange???

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