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How to Trick the Eye and Make a Small Room Seem Anything But...

Today Harmonize Homes is featuring a guest blogger  Chris Coleman , from Signature Furniture Rental  - San Diego California

How to Trick the Eye and Make a Small Room Seem Anything But

The days of selling a house full of empty rooms is gone. To create a home, not just present a house, is imperative. But what to do with those small rooms we keep tucked away, the closed-in living room or the claustrophobic kitchen? Can these rooms be salvaged into something more alluring?

One of the worst things you can do is keep the room empty. While a third bedroom in a large home might be able to be left to the buyer’s imagination (or be presented as a bonus room), any main room must be staged. There are a few relatively easy tricks and techniques to use when home staging that can help the room be perceived as larger and more spacious.

First of all, you won’t win any buyers with a layout that screams “look how much stuff can fit in this room!” Clutter and crowded spaces should be avoided at all cost. Clutter can not only make it painfully apparent just how small a room is, it can make the room feel quite claustrophobic. In fact, it’s best to have one large, prominent piece of furniture surrounded by a couple of smaller pieces rather than an army of smaller pieces, which is most people’s first instinct. 

A few easier tricks that can have an astounding effect on how we perceive the size of a room rely on the use of mirrors and windows:
  • Having a wide-open window to look out of can make a room seem more airy and open.  
  • Mirrors placed in easy lines of sight can effectively double the space in size.
  • If possible, increase the amount of space between your furniture, especially from the wall.

While a new paint job might be more than you’re willing to take on when home staging, good lighting can have just as big an impact on a room as a new coat of color. There’s no set way your room should be lit because lighting can create any mood you desire; make sure each room is brightened according to its traditional purpose. Torchiere lighting is an excellent choice because it’s the easiest to move around and caters to the needs of each specific room.

Good luck and happy home staging! Remember, every room can sell the home with just a little creativity.

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