Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gorilla Hooks?

I am working with a new client that had purchased  the Grande Palais Mirror by Ballard Designs in November.  After reading the installation reviews she was a bit nervous about the installation.

 Now I come on the scene to help her with a redesign project....and there sits the "MIRROR"..... see it sitting behind the table. I had to call in for reinforcements... my go-to-guy! my husband!

Some of the comments in the reviews referred to using Gorilla Hooks.....So off to Lowes for the Hooks.  Not only that I never heard of them before; but neither did the two young sales folks that were helping me...We did finally find them! The hooks come in two sizes the larger can hold up to 50 pounds, which we needed as the mirror is in three sections two (2) rectangles (45 lbs. each) and one arch (35 lbs)

Installation went well and we continued using these new discoveries as we completed the installation of  her art work....they simply are pushed through the dry wall...no tools are necessary.

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